A) The issuance of a variety of construction licenses including:

Filing, review, and follow-up of applicants: Demolition and renovation permits, building construction, extensions of floors (extra mezzanine), building development, major building improvements, minor building improvements, conversion and division of units, change of ownership, change Map, Moderator, Substitution, Compilation (Reprint), Modification, Renewal, and Revocation of Butterflies.
B) Technical oversight services:

Filing, visits and follow-ups for applicants: endorsement certificate, certificate of antiquity (before 1349), completion of an apartment, extension of a certificate of completion, certificate of non-compliance, declaration of fitness for the region, urbanization, drilling , Extravagance difference, pre-document preparation.
C) business services:

Filing, reviewing, and tracking required business license applicants
(D) Separation and aggregation services:

Filing, viewing, and tracking applicants: Separating, aggregation, separation and aggregation
E) Inquiries

Filing, review and follow-up on applicants: detailed plan inquiry, corrective inquiries, registry inquiries, assets, water, electricity, gas, telecommunications, metro, engineering, and banks.
And) follow up citizens’ complaints:

Receiving complaints, filing a complaint, conducting visits and prosecutions of citizens’ complaints concerning: complaints about neighboring offenses, confidentiality and privileges, declaration of damages,
(E) Services related to pay-as-you-go payment:

Receiving and delivering fees for repairs, renovation, business, service charges, resale fees, vehicle charges, transfers and accounts payable to eligible applicants.
H) Urban services:

Filing, visiting, and pursuing necessary applications for applicants: excavation, leafy soil, fruit and vegetable stands, beautification, organization of occupations, billboards, transportation of waste and garbage, and matters relating to Paradise Zahra.
Technical and technical area:

Filing and follow-up with applicants: drilling license, Milad Tower tourism tours, technical documentation of municipal tenders.
(Ii) The scope of traffic and traffic:

Electronic Signpost Signing Applicants Signing into the Traffic Planning Area, filing a file for the transfer of courier branches in Tehran, filing and tracking applicants for a vehicle inspection, registration of tax and bus applicants, private travelers, private individuals and private companies, selling bus tickets

Interurban and Metro and Bus Credit Cards,
K) real estate:

Establishment of a property and land plot in the course of development projects, track the circulation of property and land records, file a file and follow up the abandoned area and property, distribution of auctions of the municipality of Tehran to the applicants of the company.
L) Other services:

Services related to other government agencies and agencies and institutions will be added to their tasks after the necessary reviews and recommendations by the Technology Institute and the Secretariat of the Steering Committee for Coordination with relevant institutions and the approval of the Steering Committee.